Notary Services


Why I became a Notary

My wife, Leslie A. Nathan, AIA, is an architect licensed in both California and New York. Let's face it, I'm envious of her incredible skills, talent and creativity, not to mention to have what it takes to be licensed in the two hardest states for architect registration.

When she completes a design she has to "stamp" to the plans to certify their authenticity as having been done by a licensed architect.  I've always wanted to be able to "stamp things" too, other than putting a stamp on a letter. To do that I took the required exam and had to pass the required State and FBI background check to receive a Notary Commission. No, it's not even close to passing the highly technical and artistic, multi-day, test you need to pass for an architect's license, but now I can "stamp things", too!

Of course,  the real  reason I became a Notary is to assist clients when they need documents notarized to complete a transaction. 

We LOVE to stamp documents!

We're back in business! My new Notary Commission is in place and we're ready to stamp!

Even in this day of electronic communication and documents, it is sometimes required to provide assurance that a printed document was actually signed by the person named. Following strict laws and guidelines, that is what a Notary Public does. A Notary is also able to attest to the administration of an oath and provide other important services.

This may sound complicated,  but it really isn't! All you need to do is  present yourself in person -- or I will come to your location -- show an acceptable, valid,  ID, sign the document and my Notary Records journal (as required by California law), and you're good to go. 

Give me a call at 818-856-4220 and we can arrange convenient time to meet. Or, if you are anywhere in the West Valley, including Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Van  Nuys or Burbank areas, I'll come to your location. 

Note that while electronic/digital "distance notarization" is available some states, it is not yet available in, or applicable for documents filed in, California. However, it is easy enough to get in touch so that I may take care of your notary needs in person.

Walking your dog in the Hidden Woods neighborhood, south of Magnolia? Stop in for a quick notarization and Lucy will keep your dog occupied.  Dog treats for all neighbors!